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This form gives you an opportunity to respond to the recent elders' letter and pledge your giving to Christ Church, for the year ahead. Please click below to get started - and do make sure you click 'Submit' at the very end.
This form will be treated in the strictest confidence. It will only be seen by Rachel Goddard (the new Giving Secretary) and David Savile (Treasurer).
What is your surname? *

What is your first name? (Or both of your names, if married) *

The information you enter here is confidential.

Before we go any further, we'd love to be assured that you have read through the letter from the elders carefully and prayerfully considered the extent to which you are able to contribute towards the needs of the church at this point. Have you? *

OK, so let's start with your regular giving. How much do you currently give to CCS each month?

If you don't have your current giving amount to hand, please could you double-check it, or estimate.  If you haven’t got around to starting your giving yet, or have given just occasionally, then for the purposes of this form please put ‘0’. If you have made significant gifts but not on a monthly schedule, please put down a twelfth of the total of your gifts over the past year – an estimate is ok if necessary. There's no need to include a £ sign below.
How much do you pledge to increase this to? Please could you aim to make this change by 1st September. If that's not possible - do let us know in the box at the end of this form.

Note: If Gift Aid will apply to your donation, please can you indicate an amount that ends £xx.17. Our finance team now identify data by the number of pence in your gift amount which hugely reduces workload; the 17p flags that Gift Aid will be applied. For instance, £50.17 rather than as £50. If you will not be giving with Gift Aid, please can you indicate an amount that ends with 67 pence e.g., £50.67.  Also, if your bank gives you the option, please use the reference 'REG17'. And finally - there's no need to use a £ sign below.
This represents an increase in giving of how much per month?

Please don't include the £ sign below.
As you know, there are some significant immediate needs facing the church, including our intention to make a significant contribution to those  we are sending to theological college in the autumn. If you're able to make a one-off donation, how much can you contribute?

Note: Similarly to above - to aid the finance team, please could you help us to correctly categorise your gift by ending it with 17 pence, if Gift Aid will apply to your donation. If you are not giving wtih Gift Aid, please end your gift with 67 pence.  If your bank gives you the option - please use the reference 'PL2017'. Finally - no need to include a £ sign below.
If you are making a one-off gift, could you indicate when you are likely to make that gift?

Use the box at the end of this form if you need to give more details.

Thanks very much for entering all of that. Just a reminder
- Our bank details are sort code 40-52-40, and account number 00020184
- End gifts for which Gift Aid will apply with 17 pence, and those without Gift Aid with 67 pence.

Not every situation fits into neat questions and answers. If you want to comment, clarify anything or communicate about any aspect of your giving, please use the box below. You can also contact Rachel Goddard throughout the year via

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